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Never posted before, so hope the post goes with what I was looking at at the time. Love your "So What" painting. Makes me think you need to read "The Very Persistent Gappers of Frip" or some title close to that. Lane Smith illustrated and I just love the illustrations in that book (and that the girl's name is Capable...I need a name like that to get me going!) Been reading your blog a bit lately which is weird since I spend as little time at the computer as possible. Anyway, ran across you somehow and I can't stop checking in -- you inspire me! thanks!


your artwork is absolutely fabulous!!! i live in wilmington, north carolina where there is a fabulous young art scene. found you from daily candy link to botanicalpaperworks.com. sometimes i think people like to know that. my daughter who lives in manhattan is collecting artwork for her large duplex. wish i could afford your pieces....love the fruits...peggy

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